A month as a trainee Journalist

Carrying anxiety along with three huge bags, I entered the campus of Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media. Gathering my nervousness along with my belongings I entered the allocated room, my home for the next ten months. A sister organisation of IIJNM, Shanti Bhavan was first in our daily diary.

When classes began, I realized what i was truly missing on. Never in my entire life was my brain told to exercise as much as it was put to use in the very first day.  The classes gave a clear view to what journalism is. One of the first things I learnt here was what exactly news is. I have never heard of this definition by Lord Northcliffe and it instantly struck a cord. “News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress. All the rest is advertising.

As days passed I got into thinking and reading everything critically. Three trips to Bangalore city were made, each trip came as a bigger challenge than the last one but nevertheless by the third one, I was quite an ease with the city. But running around the city, getting story ideas from everywhere, even in people’s conversation by the third time become difficult with every passing step.

With a tiring and hectic month, as we came to the end of our firth month, I now can claim that when I exit IIJNM, i would go out with a great portfolio and an extremely critic mind and also a couple of less pounds on my body owing to the amount of work I would put in for the next ten months.